10 Ways to Get Bloggers to Embrace (and enjoy!) Blogging


Inevitably if you hold a corporate marketing or comms position, you’ll be asked to ramp up or supervise the company blogs. These tips are what I’ve actually used and ended up being pretty effective when I was put in charge of ramping up and maintaining a team of 10+ technology related bloggers and their respective blogs.

1. If they’re apprehensive about the commitment, suggest a blogging buddy to split the duties.

2. Before you decide on a topic and title, research it on Google Adwords and tweak it so it falls into a highly searchable term. Sometimes a slight keyword tweak makes the difference between one hundred and one hundred thousand searches. The best combination is words that are highly searched, and have low competition.

3.Highlight the fact that your blogger has been chosen to blog for their value to the company, as an elite team member and that it elevates their professional status.

4.Ensure them that they don’t always have to come up with original content. They can comment on industry happenings, or reference expert stories and comment on them, interview customers or even invite guest co-bloggers.

5.Start a blog yourself, so that you understand the finer points of blogging and can coach more effectively.

6.Provide feedback to your bloggers on blog success in the form of metrics: how many hits in one week, syndication, comments.

7.Incent with contests and prizes: who gets the most comments, who gets the most reads, etc.

8.Provide best practice training with concrete examples of good blogs.

9.Coach them to give valuable insight that is unique. For example if they write a post about the benefits of  desktop virtualization, make sure they talk about a specific instance where they experienced these benefits.

10.Design an editorial calendar to plan not only what’s to come, but also provide timing and cadence, in order to keep the bloggers on task and on time.

And here’s a little bonus for you to send to your bloggers when they are starting out…

🙂 Tips on Topic Selection for Bloggers

Select a topic…

1.you know very well and with which you are very comfortable

2.into which you can show insight, experience and have anecdotal references

3.in which you are passionate about learning more

4.that you think your prospects and customers would find valuable

5.framework that will supply multiple blog opportunities

6.that someone else has written about that you can spin a slightly different way or add additional practical insight

7.in Google Adwords that is low on competition and high on search

8.for which there is no struggle for material to write


5 ways to get a jumpstart on your social media marketing


You haven’t RSVP’ed to your social media invitation yet?

It’s time to, because your competition is there for sure. You can be sure it’s a culture-altering project, not just for your company, but for the entire global marketplace, that requires you to pay lots of attention, but comes with significant rewards if you do. Here are some pointers to starting you on your way:

1-Choose one platform to start with and get to know it well. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all functional for different purposes.74% of tech companies report having Twitter accounts, LinkedIn at 72 percent and Facebook at 20 percent. (Wildfire, 2011)

2-Take stock of your content. You need to say something before you begin, retweeting is good, but what do you have that’s original, and even more important, what people are looking for? (Read my next blog on why trending topics and keywords matter.) Do you have a hidden “subject matter expert” gem somewhere that’s willing to become an elite blogger for your company? Or maybe it’s just your presence as a line “reporter” at industry shows, but it’s your insight that counts.

3-Be in it to run the marathon, not the sprint. Long-term results come after months of stick-with-it engagement. An article I read last week by techeye.net discussed a recent study, citing that 43 percent of tech brands with a registered account have never bothered to reply to a tweet, while 66 percent of Facebook pages received comments from users, and 75 percent didn’t even bother to reply.(Techeye, 2011)

4-Use the power of amplification for all of your posts. One application that does this is GaggleAmp, which allows your organization’s employees, friends, business partners and fans to become part of a group that helps you push out your news, to all their networks. It’s like those few snowflakes that drop from the winter sky and become a full blown blizzard. Your messages will multiply.

5-Be prepared to commit resources to your social media efforts. Social media is not free. It requires strategy, management and monitoring and that requires head count or at a minimum, if you outsource it, you will still need an insider as your point person. Enlist an executive champion to help you evangelize your cause and that will make acquiring resources and gaining support much easier.